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How do I create and edit a new document?

Learn how to create and edit a new document with FormSwift

First, how would you like to create your new document?

A. By Choosing & Filling Out One of FormSwift's Templates (ex. below)


B. By Using a Document I Upload Myself (ex. below, see section B in this guide)

A. Creating a New Document from a Template

  1. Go to the Document Library, make sure you are signed in to your FormSwift account
  2. If you know the type of document you are looking for, use the search bar and enter a related term (e.g. 'employee')
    Alternatively, you can browse through the top of the list which features some of FormSwift's most popular documents
  3. Click on the 'Create Document' button next to the document you want to create
  4. After successfully creating a new document, you are all set to begin editing your document! Please see additional instructions below on how to fill out your document

Fill Out a New Template


  1. Click on the empty fields and type your answers
  2. Click the green 'Save & Continue' button
  3. Your answers will automatically fill into the document preview (righthand side)
  4. Repeat steps 1-2 until completion 

B. Creating a New Document from an Upload

  1. Log into your FormSwift account
  2. Go to your My Documents tab and click the green 'Select a Document to Upload' button (you may need to scroll down)
  3. A window will pop up asking which file you would like to upload, after making the desired selection it will open your document with FormSwift's PDF editor
    1. Please note that only PDF, Word, or image files will work as an upload
  4. Alternatively, you may also visit formswift.com/edit-pdf and click the "Select Files to Edit" button to upload a file to FormSwift

Fill Out Your Uploaded Document


  1. You can click anywhere on your document to add text (the "Text Tool" is selected by default)
    1. To use the Text Tool:
      1. Click on the "Text" tile in the toolbar, or simply click on the page you would like to add text
      2. Type the text you'd like to add
      3. Click and drag the text box to move it into the desired position
      4. You can use the following tools to edit the text styling:
        1. Click on "Arial" to choose a different font
        2. Click on "17" to adjust font size
        3. Click on "B" to Bold the text
        4. Click on "I" to Italicize the text
        5. Click on the circle icon to change the color of the text
        6. Click on the trash icon to delete the text
  2. Other useful tools include Eraser, Redact, Highlight, Image, Sign etc.
    1. To use the Eraser:
      1. Click on the "Eraser" tool in the toolbar
      2. Click near the text you'd like to erase
      3. Click and drag on the desired section to create an eraser box
      4. After placing the erased section, you can resize it by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the eraser box
    2. To use the Sign tool, see the guide:
      How do I sign a document?
    3. To Send for Signature, see the guide:
      How do I request someone else to sign my document?