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Why is the text on my PDF to Word file not converting properly?

Text is recognized differently between PDFs and Word documents, so the converted Word document might be a bit different. Most notably, the text content may end up in text boxes. The current Word exports are in the .doc format so be sure to use a version of Word/Office that can open these files.  

With that in mind, if you're running into other issues with your Word document exports, try the following:

  • Check to see if the document you uploaded is scanned. If an image is uploaded to FormSwift, there will be limitations with the Word export because the text is not recognized in image files
  • If you're downloading a FormSwift template and re-uploading into FormSwift to convert to a Word file, try this instead:
    • Go to your My Documents tab and click on the blue name of the document you want to convert; there shouldn't be a "PDF" tag next to it
    • Look in the upper right hand corner for a green "Export" button. Only click the little triangle portion of the green "Export" button
    • Choose "Export as Word"