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Why did you sell to Dropbox?

This article explains the acquisition of Formswift to Dropbox.

Over the last decade, our team has built a successful business focused on solving a key pain point that many small businesses and freelancers share: the need for a simple solution to create, complete, edit, and save any form — from employee onboarding waivers, to rental agreements, to NDAs — from start to finish.
  • We’ve become a leading provider of tools that gives individuals and businesses a simple solution to create, complete, edit and save critical business forms and agreements.  Our platform has been used to create more than ten million documents by customers around the globe.  
  • Finally, we share a similar goal as Dropbox to digitize, simplify and modernize work for customers in an increasingly distributed and virtual landscape.
  • As we join forces with a respected, global technology brand, we firmly believe that this is the natural next step in our journey and will help us to solve the needs of even more customers with Dropbox’s reach. 
  • We’re excited about the opportunity to help Dropbox bring more seamless end-to-end document workflows to even more customers.