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When should I expect to hear back about my request form?

When using FormSwift to create request/submission forms, such as a Transcript Request Form, it's important to note that FormSwift will not be submitting the form on your behalf. Instead, you most likely will need to either:

A. Print the form, then mail it to the intended party


B. Download the form, then submit it electronically to the intended party

Please understand that using FormSwift's service will allow you to create the documents but is not able to send them on your behalf. Please note if you created any of the following documents, you will also be responsible in submitting them to the correct party:

  • Transcript Request Form
  • Request For Proposal
  • Freedom of Information Request Form
  • Donation Request Letter
  • Credit Freeze Request Form
  • Death Certificate Request Form
  • Birth Certificate Request Form
  • Tax Transcript Request Form