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Printing a Document

Steps to help you successfuly print your document

We understand that you are having trouble Exporting/Printing your document. We have provided some easy to follow steps to help you with this process.

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, please make sure that you have it fully updated to the most current version. 

To begin, make sure you're logged into your FormSwift account and visit the following link to launch a list of your completed documents:

To export or save your document to your computer as a Word or PDF document:

  1. Select  and open the document that you want to export from your “Documents” page
  2. Click on the green “Export” button in the right hand corner of the page
  3. Click the green arrow, which will then give you the choice to export your document into a PDF, or a Microsoft Word format. Please note that some forms can only be downloaded as one type of file, so you may not be able to choose the file type.
  4. Choose the location on your computer where you would like to store your document

Once your document is safely exported to your computer, you can then open the
Downloaded document in your PDF or MS Word application by locating the file and double clicking it. Use Word or your PDF reader to print the document if you’d like. If you’re launching in MS Word, you can also add final formatting touches to your document.

If you want to print directly from the builder, please click on the print icon near the top of the page. Please make sure you do not have your pop up blocker on.

Please note that some forms do not give you this print option and must be downloaded first, onto your computer, in order to print them. If this is the case, please follow the directions below to print your document.
To print your resume into a PDF document:

  1. Open a file in a Windows application
  2. Choose “File>Print”
  3. Choose “Adobe PDF” as the printer in the “Print” dialog box
  4. Click “Print”
To print your document into a Word Document:
  1. Verify that your printer is ready to print.
  2. Make sure that the printer is connected, turned on, and ready to print.
  3. Click the “File” tab, and select the “Print” command
    1. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P. You will be able to see the document previewed in the “File” tab window. That’s the “Print Settings” window. If you want to print one copy of the whole document, skip ahead to step 6
  4. To print more than one copy, enter the number of copies in the “Copies” text box
  5. For three copies, for example, click in the text box and type 3
  6. Click the “Print” button
  7. The “File” tab window closes and the document spews from your printer
Printing may take some time. Fortunately, you can continue working while the document(s) prints.