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PDF Page Removal

How to remove a page from your PDF file

We understand that you would like to remove some pages from your PDF. 
To begin, I’d like you to log into the site and then click on the following link to launch a list of your completed documents: 
On your documents page, you can scroll down to the upload button, select the option I want to edit my PDF & rearrange pages, then click on the green select a document to upload. Once you have selected a document to upload, you will come to a new window with the pages of your document showing. Hover the mouse icon over the page until you see a remove button with a trashcan in it, click on the remove button to remove that page from your document. Repeat the hovering process for each page you would like to remove from your document. Once you have removed all the pages you want removed, you can then click on the green Save and Create PDF to add the document to your account.