Organizational Charts

Steps on how to edit and download your organizational chart

Please follow the instructions below on how to edit and export your document organization chart sucessfully.
To edit your Org Chart:
1.    Click on the My Documents link at the top right corner of any page

2.    Select the Documents you want to edit by clicking the document link in the "Document #" column. 

3.    To edit your Org Chart, hover your cursor over any box within your chat and click on it. This will give you the ability to add information to that particular box within the chart. Click outside of the box to exit out of editing it.

4.    To add extra boxes you must click on the initial box, then add. This will provided you a second row of boxes to indicate the next tier of your organizations structure.
           a.    If the row in question needs more than one box, click on your initial box and press add, you will now have two boxes in your second row. Repeat these steps if more boxes are needed.

          b.    To add a third row, you want to follow the instructions from step 4, but you must now add using the boxes from the second row. For example, if initial box A is the CEO, and row two consists of two boxes, one is the CFO (box B) and the other and Administrative Assistant (Box C). For those persons (boxes) that report to CFO, you must click on the CFO box and follow directions from step 4, you would repeat the same process for those reporting to Admin Assistant.

         c.    Continue the required steps above to add new rows based on your organizations structure.

5.    To change the color of your box, click on the box and then click on the color button, this will auto-populate a small bix if preset colors. Choose the color you would prefer and then click outside of the box.
To export or save your chart to your local computer as an Image/MS Paint or PDF document
1.    Select the chart you want to export from the My Documents page
2.    Click on the green "à Export" button on the right hand end of the menu bar at the top of the page.
3.    Select the format of your choice (.docx / .image).
4.    Choose the location on your computer where you would like to store the document
Once your Org Chart is safely exported to your computer, you can then open  the downloaded document in your PDF or MS Paint application by locating the file and double clicking it.  Use Paint or your PDF reader to print the document if you'd like. If you're launching in MS Paint, you can also add final formatting touches to the Org Chart.