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I have received a specific error when trying to Efile

Information needed to address CFTA and 221B Errors

If you have e-filed and received a CFTA or 221B error, please reply to our support team at support@formswift.com with the following information so we can get this fixed for you.

When contacting our support team, please make sure to specify the exact error you are receiving. 


Error CFTA:

Please provide us with all the information you placed into the form once you hit E-file on our site. This will help us to determine why your account would not go through and fix the issue so you no longer receive the error.


Error 221B:

This error is due to a reset of your Nelco password. Do you remember resetting your e-filing password either through a login page or a link in an email?

If so, please provide us with your current FormSwift e-filing password. This would have been provided in an email under "noreply@wagereportingcenter.com" or an email titled "FormSwift e-filing”. Please remember to check your spam folder for this email.  

This way we can then use the password to generate a new secure token to access your account through the FormSwift site.