Flow Chart

How to successfully edit your flow chart

Please follow the instructions below on how to edit and export your Flow chart successfully.
To edit your Flow Chart:
1.    Click on the My Documents link at the top right corner of any page

2.    Select the Documents you want to edit by clicking the document link in the "Document #" column. 

3.    To edit/start your Chart, Click and hold on the start symbol and drag it onto the blank canvas. This is your starting point.

        a.    Multiple start points can be added to your chart if needed

4.    To add extra sections, look at the shapes to the left. You will want to click and hold the shape and drag it onto the canvas.

5.    To edit the text within the shapes, click on the text within the shape and enter the information needed for the shape.

6.    To resize the shape, click on the shape. There will be a blue outline with on it. Hover over the line until your cursor resembles this image<->. Now you can click and hold, then drag until the shape is the desired size needed for the chart.

7.    To add your flow lines, hover your cursor over the shape needed to start the flow.  Four green dots should populate on the shape, unless it is the start and end buttons has they only have three dots to populate. Once you see these dots, click and hold on the dot you want to start from. Now drag your cursor to the shape you want it to flow to and release your mouse button. You can start a flow line from any connection point and end at any connection point. You can also have start multiple flow lines from one flow point, and also have multiple flow lines end at one flow point.
To export or save your chart to your local computer as an Image/MS Paint or PDF document
1.    Select the chart you want to export from the My Documents page

2.    Click on the green "à Export" button on the right hand end of the menu bar at the top of the page.

3.    Select the format of your choice (.docx / .image).

4.    Choose the location on your computer where you would like to store the document
Once your Chart is safely exported to your computer, you can then open the downloaded document in your PDF or MS Paint application by locating the file and double clicking it.  Use Paint or your PDF reader to print the document if you'd like. If you're launching in MS Paint, you can also add final formatting touches to the Flow Chart.